• Nicolas

    This Dog Harness, perfect for spring and summer, is inspired by the spectacular landscape of the Mar Menor when it is visited by flamingos. 
    • 100% breathable organic cotton fabric with a flamingo print on a jade background.
    • Strong and durable.
    • Blank pocket to match the central strip.
    • Button closure to avoid accidental opening.
    • Several eyelets to adjust it to the structure of the dog's body.
    • Leave your shoulders and shoulder blades free so you don't limit movement.
    • Attached to the middle of the back so as not to put stress on the neck or shoulders.
    • Easy to put on and take off.
    Short harness. Covers up to the front legs. 
Recommended for small dogs up to 12 kg. of weight. 

    Clothing care recommendation:

    Wash the garment in warm water with mild detergent (preferably hand wash) and do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. 

    SKU: AR001